About the Trust

The Glastonbury Trust is currently run by a board of four trustees who oversee all aspects of the Trust. When it comes to the allocation of Trust funds, such as in the 2017 Grant scheme, the decisions are made by these trustees...

Mike Jones: Chairperson Mike Jones photo

Mike moved to Glastonbury in 1989 and worked as property manager for the Glastonbury Experience from 1991 to 2007. He was the Executive Director of the Glastonbury Trust from 1999 to 2007 and has been a trustee of the charity since 2007. He also publishes The Oracle, a free monthly What’s On guide to Glastonbury.

His especial interest is in creating sustainable community infrastructure in Glastonbury and the local area. The central principle is that community organisations should become economically self-sufficient and not rely on grants for their survival. Indeed, the intention is that community organisations should generate a surplus to donate to other initiatives in the town.

Mike has been involved in setting up a variety of local community organisations including the Red Brick Building, Somerset Trust for Sustainable Development (ecohousing), West Mendip Credit Union, Glastonbury Community Development Trust and the Glastonbury Goddess Temple. His vision for the future is the development of community housing, community ownership of utilities and other projects that contribute to the self-sufficiency of Glastonbury.

Gareth Mills: Trustee  

Gareth is a Director of The Speaking Tree and the Red Brick Building. He is encouraged by Buckminster Fuller’s proposition that: ‘You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.'



Dharam Barrett: Trustee

Dharam Barrett is a common its focussed entrepreneur. She grew up in Avalon and has been doing business and creating projects in Glastonbury for about nine years. Her main interests lie in community cohesion, inclusion and personal growth. She believes that communities can flourish and unite through clear communication and opportunities to work together. Communities can easily become the family that many people lack in this hectic modern society if they focus on unity, supporting each other and learning together. Glastonbury is a place of unlimited potential and The Glastonbury Trust is a key resource to help individuals and organisations to flourish and grow.


A brief history of the Glastonbury Trust...

The origins of the Glastonbury Trust go back to 1978 when a Dutch couple, Willem and Helene Koppejan, bought retail properties at the foot of Glastonbury High Street, which they converted into a complex of shops and function rooms called The Glastonbury Experience. The shops had an 'arts and crafts' focus originally, although over the years this was to change, reflecting Glastonbury's development as a centre for contemporary spirituality. Willem, sadly, was to die before the couple's dreams were fully realised.

The Trust went through a period of instability in its early years until around 1994, when, with significant help from friends and trustees, Helene was finally able to turn things around.

Since then, the Glastonbury Trust has been working with many projects in Glastonbury and the surrounding areas, with the intention of offering help, guidance, teaching, training and healing on all aspects of spiritual growth and ecological awareness.

Some examples of the projects the Trust have supported include: The Goddess Temple, Pilgrim Reception Centre, Isle of Avalon Foundation, Library of Avalon, Somerset Trust for Sustainable Development, West Mendip Credit Union, Glastonbury Online and more recently the Red Brick Building.

The Glastonbury Trust has also been involved with a number of schools, forest schools and home education projects.