Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to apply?

This Grant Scheme will be running for four months, we will close this application process on September 29th 2017.

What if I need help applying?

We are happy to offer advice, please contact us at: if you need help with the application process.

Can I apply more than once?

Yes, but not more than once on the same project. If you have more than one project you are working on it is fine to apply more than once. However, please take time management into account, as this will be considered in your application.

What happens if I am unsuccessful?

If you are unsuccessful we will give you a list of other grant schemes and funding bodies that may be able to help you.

If the Grant scheme is run again next year, we will welcome applications from projects who have previously been unsuccessful, providing they meet the eligibility criteria.

When will I get an answer?

Responses to initial applications will take a couple of weeks. Once we have received your main application we will aim to give you an answer within 6 weeks.

Who makes the decisions?

The final decisions will be made by the trustees of the Glastonbury Trust. Information on the trustees is available on the 'About the Trust' page of the website.

How will the grant be paid?

The grant will be paid by cheque, into a bank account set up under the name of your business/ project.

Is there support available to successful applicants?

We will provide successful applicants with details of local resources and mentoring schemes that will support your project on its journey to success.

Will there be more chances to apply next year?

If this grant scheme is a success we hope to run another similar scheme in 2018.

Will you follow up on my project once I have received the money?

Yes. 3 months after you have received the grant we will contact you with a report document to see how you are getting on.  We will also request a report in order to evidence and document the progress of your business/project on our website, this report may include photos.

Why do you do this?

It is important for us to monitor the businesses and projects we support so we can work more effectively with the local community. We also want your project to be a success so if it has run into difficulty we may be able to help in some way.

Can schools or nurseries apply?

Yes, any organisation will be considered providing it meets the eligibility criteria.

Do I have to be an official company/ charity to apply?

No. We do encourage you to look into setting yourself up as a business in future but we are also interested in local, grass roots, start up projects.

We do however recommend that you set up a separate bank account in the name of your project. This will enable your to better manage your funds and will encourage on-going financial sustainability. Your chosen bank can advise you as how to best to this.