Grant Scheme 2017

In 2017 we are running our first grant scheme, open to anyone within the
Glastonbury area. We will be awarding grants of up to £2000 to projects that meet our eligibility criteria (see below) and are successful in the application process.

On allocating grants, we will prioritise projects that are deemed beneficial to the Glastonbury community. The benefits can be environmental, financial, social, educational, cultural or spiritual. More information on this can be found in the eligibility criteria.

How to apply

The application process will run until the end of September 2017, and will be a two stage process:

Stage 1 is a simple "initial application" which involves completing a contact form with a brief explanation of your project.

Stage 2 is a full application form which requires a more in depth description of your project, it's aims and structure.

Trustees will meet and carefully consider each and every full application they receive. A decision will be made and applicants will be informed of the outcome as soon as possible. We will endeavour to give a reply within 6 weeks, however, this is subject to the number of applications we receive.

Unsuccessful applicants will be provided with information on alternative sources of revenue and support to help with their project.


It is important that all applicants have read, and are familiar with, the eligibility criteria prior to applying. If your project does not meet the eligibility criteria, it is unlikely to be successful.

Please read the eligibility criteria here...

Frequently Asked Questions

We suggest you read these prior to applying. FAQ's can be found here...